The good that has come out of this mess…

This leads me to the second part of this blog. While no one would wish such a pandemic on anyone ever again, one thing that comes to my mind about how society and humanity has faced this crisis demonstrates the incredible creativity, ingenuity, and generosity of the human spirit. Businesses have adapted with incredible speed to find some way of keeping the doors open. Scientists are in the process of beginning human trials for potential vaccines, a process that would normally have taken 5 to 10 years in the past. Businesses of all stripes and types have reprocessed their capabilities to produce ventilators, masks, shields, swabs, and everything needed to protect those who have to work with the infected.

I have witnessed kindness never before seen as neighbors taking care of neighbors. I have seen generosity as people reach out to those who are marginalized or threatened due to lack of work, lack of food, or other trauma. I have seen humanity set aside their politics, religion, bigotry, bias, and bitterness in order to help and comfort others. If anything long-lasting comes out of this pandemic, pray God let it be that when mankind faces its greatest challenges, the goodness, mercy, and integrity of our nature shines forth.

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